There are many misconceptions about Solar Energy, below are just a few of the common ones – Remember, regardless of what you think you know, their is one inescapable fact; you’ll never get any money back from your current Energy Supplier!

Myth: Britain is not sunny enough
Fact: Our collectors do not need direct sunlight as they work on natural day light! In fact, they work at 60% efficiency on overcast days.

Myth: Solar energy is not efficient enough
Fact: Solar Home Energy systems are extremely efficient especially in the transitional periods from Spring to Autumn.

Myth: Most of our energy is not for Hot Water
Fact: Unlike central heating, hot water is a year round requirement.

Myth: Solar energy systems are too expensive.
Fact: It’s never been cheaper! You will be paying for it with the money you would otherwise give to the utility companies.

Myth: It won’t make a difference to the environment.
Fact: Global warming is a fact. Any contribution to a better environment for our future generations is better than no contribution. Our Solar Home Energy system can in fact reduce your CO2 emissions by half a tonne a year.

Myth: The pay back period is too long.
Fact: Typically a system will pay for itself several times over, not only by the energy savings, but also due to the potential increase in your property value. The Guardian quoted “evidence suggests solar power can add nearly 9% to a property value”.


  • The earth receives more energy from the sun in just one hour than the world uses in a whole year.
  • Enough sunlight falls on the earth every minute to meet the world’s energy demands for an entire year.
  • If we covered a small fraction of the Sahara desert with photovoltaic cells, we could generate all the world’s electricity requirements.
  • All TV and communications satellites are powered by solar energy using photovoltaic cells.
  • Not only does solar energy save you money but it’s also an easy way of reducing your carbon footprint. We all have a carbon footprint, which is calculated by the amount of carbon we contribute to the atmosphere through the energy we use. To work out your carbon footprint click here, you may be surprised by how much it is.
  • Installing a solar water heating system on an average 2 bedroom home can save 500kg of carbon dioxide every year. This is reducing the average person’s carbon footprint by nearly 20%. This reduction is called a carbon credit and as expected for businesses can be much greater. There are new schemes for exchanging these credits for cash starting up in Europe and America for businesses and it won’t be long before they are treated as a common market index. Carbon taxes are also a hot topic in the news and credits like these will be an excellent way of saving you even more money.