Thanet Heating are specialists in Industrial Pipework here in Kent. 

Most industrial pipework would be black or galvanised barrel pipe, sometimes known as LCS.  Barrel pipework is usually cut and threaded up to the size of 2” and anything over 2” is welded, not in every situation but in most.  Most valves, controls and pumps over 2” are fitted with flanges PN16. Din flanges are now mostly used.

The largest size pipework is usually found in the boiler house or plant room this can be up to 8” in diameter and would be welded.  Many boiler manufacturers now offer prefabricated manifolds and mixing headers that connect directly on their appliances for ease of installation.

Pipe systems such as victaulic are often used for industrial sprinkler systems this is a type of clamp and groove system where the pipe and fittings are installed using a fitting with a rubber lining that clamps into a groove that has been machined into the pipe, this is suitable for many applications.  Industrial pipework is a specialist type of work and sometimes involves coded welding including MIG & TIG welding systems.

If you have a project with the above requirements then we can provide the necessary technical knowledge and practical skills. We cover Thanet, Canterbury, Ashford, Maidstone, Dover, Folkestone, Faversham, Herne Bay, Whitstable and all surrounding areas.