Gas fire usually falls into 3 types - outset gas fire, inset gas fire and balance flue.  With the balance flue type an outside wall is required for the flue termination.  The inset and outset gas fires fit into or against a class 1 or class 2 chimney, this is either a traditional brick chimney or precast type.  Please note that not all gas fires are suitable for a precast chimney.

Before an inset or outset fire is fitted the two most important things to consider are suitability of the existing flue this is usually carried out by a qualified engineer by means of a smoke test in most situations the flue integrity is sound in situations where it is not the case then a liner and annular plate are fitted within the existing chimney.

The second important aspect is to make sure the existing flue terminal is suitable this is carried out usually by a visual check. Another factor is secondary ventilation this requirement is advised by the manufacturer and can be overcome by the installation of small plastic grill or an air brick of a suitable size.  If you need advice then please call us and we will provide a survey and let you know what is suitable for your property.

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