LPG Gas for Residential Park Homes and Caravans

Here at Thanet Heating we specialise in LPG Gas installations, maintenance and gas safety certification for Residential Park Homes, Caravans and Motorhomes.

Using LPG in a caravan or motorhomes is a flexible and convenient way to provide heating, cooking and refrigeration facilities, while remaining independent of site supplies.

LPG is normally supplied in a pressurized cylinder, where fuel inside is stored under pressure as a liquid and only becomes gaseous when released and fed to the appliance. This has to be done at a suitable pressure for the appliances to use and is normally achieved by the use of a pressure-reducing regulator that supplies gas at a standard pressure to the system.

Residential Park Home properties usually have LPG for cooking, central heating and domestic hot water.  So an LPG qualified person is needed to check and certify safe operation of the appliances.  Maintenance should be carried out on a regular 12 month basis. 


LPG Valve Change

Part of maintenance and safety checks if you have bottled LPG supply is the inspection of the gas change over valves and the flexible gas hoses.  These components are exposed to the elements and the flexible hose should be replaced every 5 years, usually there would be some indication of the age of the hose as the date is printed on the hose itself.  The change over valve also needs to be inspected with a test of the opso/upso valve.


Book a Qualified LPG Gas Engineer in Kent 

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