At Thanet Heating we are pleased to be able to offer installation and maintenance of Pressure Jet Burners both oil and gas fired. We use Nu-Way as our supplier whose burners are well known all over the world for reliability, efficiency and performance.

These oil and gas pressure burners are suitable for the following:

  • Hot water boilers
  • Air heaters
  • Steam boilers
  • High resistance boilers

There are a few domestic boilers that have a pressure jet burner, but in most situations they are found on commercial / industrial boilers.

A pressure jet burner could also be known as a forced air burner this is a more modern term that is usually used by individuals with limited knowledge of the component.  The operation of a pressure jet burner is that gas is pushed by a fan through a burner plate that has an electrode for ignition and a flame rectification probe to indicated burner ignition, this provides a high rate of heat into a boiler unit and subsequent distribution.  Gas pressure jet burners mainly require a little more maintenance than an atmospheric or modulating gas boiler.  

If you have a breakdown or need advice on a project please contact us we would be happy to assist.