Warm air is a wonderful way to heat your house quickly and efficiently as long as filters and grills are kept clean then dust circulation is not usually a problem.  Most warm air installations are “refits” of units that were installed in the 1970/80s.  You can also obtain a unit that will heat domestic hot water as well.  One manufacturer that we have been using for many years is Johnson Starley (see link).

In a retrofit situation there is usually an alteration to the plenum chamber and the flue connection, manufacturing adapter kits are used to match the existing duct connection to the new appliance.  One thing to always double check on a warm air installation is the flue configuration in most cases this terminated at a ridge vent and the integrity of the flue should be checked for leakage into the roof space, this is usually by a smoke test.  There is a secondary ventilation requirement for these appliances but in most situations the existing should be suitable if not it is quite easy to install additional ventilation if required, please contact to arrange a site survey.

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