Landlords gas safety inspections are an important part of property management, however it is one of those things that is easy to overlook and the 12 month period for inspection soon comes around again.

Our gas certification is now carried out electronically from a mobile device and can be sent direct from site in real time as soon as the site check is completed, no waiting around for certificates through the post.  Once sent electronically you have a permanent record.  The safety certificates and service certificates check the safe operation and combustion of the appliances efficiency and CO/CO2 ratios are printed on a hard copy and the information is also transferred to the certificate.

Gas soundness/tightness is also carried out this is to check the integrity of the gas pipework from the meter throughout the whole building, if there is any gas leakage in the pipe the digital manometer will indicate a pressure drop indicating leakage. A gas let by test is also performed to test the correct operation of the ECV (energy control valve).  Equipotential cross bonding of pipework is also checked along with gas rate for each appliance which once again is calculated on a digital gas calculator for absolute accuracy.  This provides the gas rate in M3/hr, kW gross and kW nett usage of the appliance.

Please note that with a Gas Safety check you cannot just attend a property and stick the analyser in the flue test point and walk away, for the job to be carried out professionally and in accordance with Gas Safe practice takes a little time, so if someone offers you certification at a cut price there is usually a reason for it and the reason is not in your best interests as a homeowner, tenant or landlord. If the  gas engineer is worth his salt then he should at the end of the inspection be able to explain and provide evidence of the aforementioned procedures and details of all tests carried out with certified readouts on up to date calibrated equipment.

If you require a cost for certification for a domestic property(s) then please contact us for details, we can usually advise over the phone.  In the case of multiple certifications, for example apartments of flats in the same block or building then discounts may apply.