Commercial properties such as schools, nursing homes, restaurants, nurseries, cinemas, colleges, hotels all require annual gas safety inspections and certification.This is required by the Gas Safety (installation and use) Regulations.

The procedure is for a gas engineer to inspect and test the operation of gas appliances to make sure that it is working in accordance with manufacturer's instruction, also the soundness and integrity of the gas supply pipe tested to make sure that there is no leakage and all emergency control valves and isolation valves are operating correctly.

It is a fact that gas safe regulations are being constantly updated and revised, so any existing systems need to be up to “current standards” an annual safety inspection will make sure your system is in line with current regulations.  In most situations we can provide a cost over the phone for commercial and industrial gas certification.

Our gas certification is now carried out electronically from a mobile device and can be sent direct from site in real time as soon as the site check is completed, no waiting around for certificates through the post. Once sent electronically you have a permanent record.