Water leakage in a property can be devastating if you have ever experienced it or been involved with the aftermath of it.  In most situations it is quite easy to isolate the supply and minimize damage.

  1. If the leakage is on the cold water main the only thing you can do is isolate the supply where it enters the building, there is usually a control/isolating valve - stop cock at this point, if there is not then you will need to isolate the valve at the building boundary this is usually under a black cover marked water.  
  2. If the leakage is on the domestic hot water pipe you may not need to isolate the main stop cock you can infact shut the cold water down feed to cylinder in most dwellings this valve is fitted to the pipe that connects to the bottom of the hot water cylinder.
  3. If your cylinder is an unvented type then an isolation valve will be fitted on the cold main close to the cylinder.
  4. A leak on a heating system can be remedied by isolating the expansion tank usually in the roof space (the smaller of the two tanks) and then opening a drain point.
  5. If you have a combi boiler you can open the “pressure relief valve” on the boiler this will immediately take any residual pressure out of the system.

In both of the above situations (4 & 5) don’t forget to shut down the boiler on the time clock or boiler on/off switch.

In any event please feel free to call us for advice.