Here at Thanet Heating we are pleased to be able to offer to fit the following type of warm air units in a variety of commercial or industrial premises across East Kent.

Reznor RHeco Range

Low NOx High Efficiency Condensing Unit Heaters

Reznor continue their tradition of manufacturing high efficiency warm air heating equipment with the introduction of the new ultra high efficient RHeco series of energy saving condensing gas fired unit heaters.

The RHeco range provides the highest efficiency levels and substantially reduced CO, CO2& NOx emissions (under 25ppm). The units exceed the requirements of current Building Regulations L2, with thermal efficiencies up to 109% to provide exceptional levels of seasonal efficiency. Also the extremely low NOx emissions enable BREEAM points to claimed (when applicable).
These 4th generation units utilise tubular primary heat exchanger and a secondary condensing heat exchanger with an aerodynamic profile and 4-pass flue gas circuit. 

The RHeco condensing units consisting of five models is available with heat outputs ranging from 25kW to 95kW for use on natural gas or propane.

Features of Renzor RHeco Range

  • Thermal efficiency of 100% at full load and up to 109% at minimum load for lower operational costs
  • Substantially reduced CO, CO2 and NOx emissions (under 25 ppm) considerably lower than the emissions of the previous generation of unit heaters, and already exceeding European standards
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Ideal for new low carbon buildings
  • Up to 35% energy saving on replacement heaters
  • Burner with new “pull through” combustion technology. Negative pressure ensures that no gas or flue gas can escape into the heated space
  • Versatile flue options (top or rear connections) for ease of installation
  • High flow axial fan for a powerful air throw, decreases stratification and improves heat distribution
  • 5:1 turn down ratio for close temperature control. Reduced temperature gradients help prevent stratification


Environmental issues dictate that buildings need to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. Initiatives such as the Climate Change Levy and the subsequent introduction of the Government’s Energy Technology List (ECA scheme), together with upgrading Part L of the Building Regulations, have resulted in consulting engineers, contractors and end users becoming increasingly energy conscious.

Reznor SmartCom, the intelligent energy management controller satisfies the growing need for higher efficiencies and to complement the development of energy efficient heating systems. Simple to program and operate, SmartCom3 provides cost-effective energy management for small single heater installations through to large multi-zone applications requiring centralised control.

Suitable for

  • Automotive workshops
  • Factories
  • Retail outlets
  • Sports facilities and halls
  • Workshops 
  • Warehouses

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